Hamsters, balloons and some songs!!

We have put a great chunk of the album under the audio section here on the site and on myspace. Yup, six songs; Prom, Distorted, Sell the can, Dare station, So we’ll sing and Baby blues (new version). They should give an indication of the upcoming album titled “Dandelion children stole my bike”.

At iT bass tab is now available! It is not as precise in structure as other tabs but it should give you a good idea about the song. If you turn the bass notes in to power chords you basically got the guitar tab of it as well.

Lyric of the newly added song Dare station has also been uploaded! By the way, don’t forget about Jarška pomlad. It’s gonna go on this Saturday and we’ll be playing some new songs!

If all the beers on the world were cold there wouldn’t be no global warming!!!

Intimate footage!

That’s right! There is footage of the Intimn frizun gig in Menza and it found its way on youtube. If you care to see the dandelion part of the show click HERE. But do check other clips as well because they are great.

We are happy to say there will be Jarška pomlad this year after all. For a while we thought it wasn’t gonna happen but it will so the gigo is updated!

Don’t eat a whole cake at once!!!

Look over there >>>><

New pictures have been added (again with the pictures…) to the »randomness« gallery. New galleries have also been added:

- NHL gig
- Old randomness

We’ve also put up an unpolished version of baby blues to the audio section. It’s gonna be featuring on the new album. (It probably won’t stay here for long so hear it now or wait for the album)

Since there are no upcoming gigs in the near future we might mention the Radio Študent 40th anniversary that will be celebrated on 9th May in Menza pri Koritu (metelkova). Many bands will be playing among them Intimn Frizurn who will feature Jure as a guest vocalist/guitarist. (Other dandelion children will also be found in the audience)

For no sound reason the Alliance please lyric has been uploaded to the page. One would think it would get there with the album but who cares… now you can sing along with all the right words.

Don’t be that guy!!!

Buckle your seat belts!

That’s right! We are doing more music related stuff and by we I mean us. Made a bunch of new songs so the tracklist grew longer. And if you are anxious to hear them… do not fear new gigs are here. Yup, first time in Koper and again in Rog very soon dear appreciators!

For all you people who watch Čarli tv beware: we made an interview and we were terrible so it really is something to see!

We also found a guy who is going to produce our record so there’s that to look forward to… that and Zajc’s new haircut.

It’s cheaper to buy food in big packages!!!

Some new old pics!

»liveaward - gala hala” gallery has been added to the picture department. That gig happened some time ago so the photos are a bit dated. Anyway… don’t forget about the Rog gig with the Matching Suits. It’s gonna be some serious surf rocking dandelion good time!

An apple per day will keep the shoe salesman away!!!

Ps: clicking on the thumbnail doesn't always open the pic. So click on the picture’s name to surely get some results. We are gonna try and fix this…