What exists today (lyric)

Dictionary to communicate
At cemetery making my bed
Like ants I carry my things
Very humanly to the trash can
But my hands are still very dirty
And there’s a bit of red there to
A little escape attempt failed
When all you get is a dead relative
And realizing how alone you are
Like a plastic peace of trash you took out
And it will never disintegrate
Not like the beverage that used to be inside
A pack of thirsty characters
They just won’t take that piss
And as I sit in the sun wondering
Why the hell did time skip winter?
Or did nature just fool some birds
I can’t help but to feel fooled my self
Coz I find my self daydreaming about a girl
Little time bubble gum being starched
Than chewed back in to just a moment ball
Running out of places to run and hide
When I think about it the gum lost its flavor
Lost it quite some time ago
Although dying is still as tasty as I remember
Dictionary to communicate