Story of a man who had no dream (lyric)

I'm gonna tell you a story of a man
Who had no dream
I bet you know one just like him
He might even be a she

He wakes up every day
With nothing unparticular to do
Stuffs some food in his face
Without enjoying the taste

He goes out in the end of the day
Never has anything clever to say
He blames it on the people with dreams
And complains his life away

He usually shows no emotion
Seems cool but it’s just the lack of devotion
Look’s like he enjoys his life
But he really suffers inside

Before I go on with this song
Let me just tell you it’s long
So I’m a put together just a little moral
It goes something like: never ever loose your dream
And if you come across of him
Favor him a nice little thought
And wrap your thoughts around your dream