so we'll sing


Another day going gone
All the potential’s lost, so guess what’s wrong?
Nobody cares coz leisure is a privilege
And we eat it up ravenous with a big spoon

Another night no dream
There’s beauty in sunny mornings
Nobody cares coz sleeping late is great
We’re getting good at ignoring alarm clocks
We’re getting good at ignoring everything oh oh

Lost in thoughts, it’s a blur
It’s the words we get lost in
Coz brain ain’t no encyclopedia
And it’s not like every second we’re some kind of poets
It’s not every second that we’re anything oh no

It’s not every moment we’re philosophers
And no one is horny all the time
But I know people who’d never admit it
And I know people who’ll do nothing because of it

I wish everybody would just fall in this time gap
Stay there in limited time space alone
Alone a lot together a lot
There with too much to do and nothing
Nothing to do but to think I say
17 years without physical
17 years without physical aging returned to this reality

But we’ll sing when we’re lazy
And we’ll sing when we’re bored
Sing when drowning in our own pool of life
Sing when we’ll dream of change

Pezzy pezz part:

Usak bi meu se fajn
Folk uvink lovi
A žiulenje gre naprej in že zvisu si
Cajt stane
Ostanejo spomini, rane
Nemorš rečt nam nč
Pičimo ga do kafane
Pa usm se nekam dons mudi
Važn je postal sam d se dogodi
In da traja
Lajf ugaja
Nm usm skupi ga klele kva je?

Zeleno polje regrata in lučka se ugasne