N.J. dogs

I remember the graffiti on school wall
That I didn't understand till now
I remember the walks
That my family used to have
The simple life
The fun that I had
I remember the street hockey
The old drawings that I made
I remember the creatures
That I loved so much
I remember the girls
I used to be in love with
I remember the pancakes
My mom used to make
I remember the crabs, the frogs
I used to hunt
The cows that I used to feed
On my holiday
I remember the fishing trips
I remember the times with my cousin

Here comes that anxiety attack
My heart stops….

It’s not that simple any more
But yet not hard
I fear the future
But there is no escaping it

I can see the moon rotate
It makes me forget how to hate
And as I stay here alone I wait
I try not to believe in fait