Never handled

As I’ve let go for a while
I figured I never had
One thing I dreamt all my life about
That sign on my closet back

That hope someone still might have
Just realized it was never mine
Why don’t I just break the jar?
Why can’t I send the tolerance away?

Why should I wake up why should I wake up?
To just lose myself in not living another day?
So many things I was fooled to have
To many rides I was soon to forget

I can see it now but will it stay?
The pureness that still brings me to my knees
The beauty that’s yet to receive a first kiss
I don’t know if it’s all really meant for me

Why don’t I just break the bars?
Why can’t I be that strong today?
Why don’t I just reach the stars?
Why can’t I be that tall just one day?

Never handled, never will…

Hey posse… bring it on!!!