Little Craig James

Little Craig James was always thought to be good
How god was omniscient so you must worship him

As Sunday came preacher preached
Jesus hanged from a crossed wood

A lamb was killed as a sacrifice read the big book
Everyone ate the body of Christ
Craig was too young to yet could
His parents told him: 2soon,
Meanwhile love god as you know you should”
Craig was out alone, it was time to play
He took matches out of his father’s pocket

Tore the legs of a grasshopper he caught,
Said a lil’ prayer
Put it on top of dead dry leaves
And burned it away

Little Craig James found a nude picture in a magazine
When caught looking he was yelled at that he shouldn’t have seen

That night in bed he pictured it,
“Oh no what will god say about it?”
I should really do something
For my sins I must pay

Craig got up and sneaked around the house
Than he went in to his big sisters room and she was sleeping

She was a vision of perfect beauty
Her heart was pure
So little Craig
Stabbed her and burned down the house