Enshrined (the tale)

She was locked away in a tower
Manacled with old rusty chains
She was guarded by trolls and dragons
Windows barred, doors sealed with nails

Her cries for help were not heard
Her attempts to escape were a waist
Her vision of freedom got blurred
Tears became more rust on chains

One day a knight came with a reason
Than her hopes got restored
He rode right to her prison
He rode carrying a sword

He rescued her from the nightmare
Brought her to his home before dark
Make her unhappy, oh he would not dare
You see in his heart she had left a mark

They got everything they ever desired
Evil bad stuff in their life was bound to fail
So they lived a wonderful life until they expired
Well at least that’s how goes the tale

(Yodeling part)

Yeah yeah yew

(Whistling part)