Burned in my soul

Burned in my soul: (2:20)

Album: Dandelion children so pičke
Lyrics: Jure
Composer: Jure

Jure: vocals, bass
Anže: guitars, backing vocals
Katja: drums
Damjan: mix, backing vocals
Kočo: mastering

The song was barely made in a onetime rehearsal, put on the list and forgotten for months. This original version had a very different rhythm.

The song was later renewed, once more only one or two rehearsals and then again forgotten for a long time until it found itself on the pičke list.

Being forgotten and undone there was a lot of room for experimenting and spontaneous moments in the studio resulting in all sorts of twisted arrangements.

Our webmaster Blaž provided some of the shouting vocals at the end of the song.

Burned in my soul

Dandelion Children so pičke
Dandelion Children so pičke