Has anybody ever noticed how people start making excuses or even badmouth something they didn't comprehend? The answer is never ever something like “I’m not capable” or “I’m not smart enough”. Now, it would be beneficial if we’d break the habit of always just hearing what we understand and give the mind a chance to starch and expend. It’s not really that hard to grasp some truth every now and then but be warned: if you’re asking for answers, you don’t really think for your self, therefore not doing anything else but gathering data and collectors are just like boxes of old photographs, forgotten embodied memories that only have a purpose when pondered about. So be a sport and do your self a favor and solve this weakness of creative transformation that came to be with words “just like” because in my book metaphors are nothing but coats around purer thoughts. Welcome masks when expressing anonymously with hopes of satisfaction that at its best won’t last for minutes. Ink blots that accidentally make the words doubtful despite of analysis, ego and your greatest fears!