24 lines

Mad from all the bottled screams
Obligate, like air you’re to me
Ubiquitous in every action I take
Nothing’s gonna be just how I wish

It’s that you’re the closest thing so far away
And I can not bear to wait for that day
I’m the loneliest man to walk this town
Sometimes I’d give my life away for you to be around

The most wonderful person so far away
Holding you is what I wanna do
So unfair, eager to service you
Observant like you are to me

Never gonna let you down
Love you till the end of eternity
You are the only one who makes me feel blissful

The only one who makes me feel safe
No one else has the same ability
Everything about you is just so complete
Feelings you stir are sweet
Oh how I feel lucky that we met
Rather than anything I’d be yours
Mr. and Mrs., that’s us in the future
Eternity of something indescribable
You are the only one for me
I said you are the only one for me