We could have it so much better
Or we could just stop complaining
The world and its perfect tender
Keep your attention away

Away from a marauder slipping poison
In your drink with no natural ingredients
Obedience coming from a chain of enemies
That you your self rule

We could have it so much better
It’s just a matter of not restraining
The feelings and their dire consequences
Can scare all the faith away

Away from whatever keeps us going
Trough these counterfeit digital trance
Enhance it to the point of unbreakable
Collective life tool

How does one lose ability to wonder?
Must be quite smug to walk around knowing all!
How does one skip the past and stops believing in the future?
Must be quite hard if no one around understands you!
How can one lose all the track of how one used to be?
A real shame how age can distort a sense of duty!

Easy how few still dare to
Not hard to believe the truth when all they do is not let you
Forget what’s fair, just go
Where ever sign feels best
Do you even think when you decide?